Great fashion and deign can spring from anywhere. Some find their talent by chance, some through intense training, while others are given the gift without asking-for them, talent is a birthright. So It was that Tracy Nguyen came upon her destiny while growing up surrounded by art and artistry in South East Asia.

Her mother created textiles in her fabric factory. Tracy spent hours amongst the textures, patterns and colors, her mind and heart taking it in as she dreamed of floating on luxurious waves of soft beautiful fabrics. Her father, too, was an artist who explored the possibilities of fine lines and mysterious shapes. His daughter watched and learned.

 “We have always been craftsmen. Being an artist is what we have always done, “says Tracy of her people.

 Her talents showed early. She made clothes for high school friends, mixing radical cuts and influences, bringing together colors, crystals, ribbons and surprises that dazzled her clients and stripped them of inhibition. They had never seen or worn anything like Tracy’s designs, They draped in a whole new ways and clung to places that was most flattering. Special attention was paid to create strong shoulders and long sloping backs. Tracy had found her fashion voice.

 In 2008, Tracy joined generations of family members and crafted her first collection. It was a smashing success. Tracy N Collection is daring, new, fun, sexy, revealing, sophisticated, and the perfect fashion adventure for a special type of woman whose siren spirit sings what others dare not to whisper.


Be Sexy, Be Bold, Be Unique...